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Today, over 30% of all US households have a Smart Speaker in their home. Our goal is to connect churches with their members every day to strengthen spiritual ties and offer encouragement. Flash Briefings also provide congregation members a focused time with the church and God every morning without distractions from social media and other media forms.

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Frequently Asked Questions

An Alexa daily flash briefing is generally 2-4 minutes long. However, each briefing can be up to 10 minutes. A Flash Briefing is perfect for quick, easily digestible, content. Since they're so compressed, users have time to listen to a few flash briefings — which means it is very easy for you to be informed on a variety of topics with just a few minutes of listening per day.

A flash briefing provides a quick overview of content such as church announcements, mini-devotionals, and uplifting quotes. A flash briefing skill is the setup for the content of a church's flash briefing.

Flash briefings are a subset of Amazon Alexa skills (skills are essentially "apps" for your Amazon smart speaker). They are audio content pieces that are usually topical and almost always short. They can be informative, educational, and/or spiritually uplifting.

The easiest way is to just say, "Alexa, enable Flash Briefing," to get started.

  1. To change or edit Amazon Alexa's Flash Briefing sources, open your Alexa app on a mobile device, open the More menu, and go to Settings
  2. Tap "Flash Briefing"
  3. Tap "Search"
  4. Type your church name into the search bar
  5. Select the correct flash briefing
  6. Here is a helpful video on how to set up flash briefings

Yes! On the app, navigate to the Flash Briefing screen. From there, you can disable or enable different skills if more than one is listed.

To add more skills, tap on the option to "Get more Flash Briefing content" or do a search for the desired briefing.

Good news: myChurchDaily handles this task for you! Just upload your audio file using your Admin Panel and schedule it for playback by dropping it on the calendar day of your choice. will handle everything from there! Every Alexa Flash Briefing scheduled on your Admin Panel is immediately available on everyone's Amazon Alexa devices.

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