- Alexa Flash Briefing Marketing Timeline

Alexa Flash Briefing's Marketing Timeline

Go through the Marketing Launch Guide to build a marketing plan that best fits your ministry. Access your communications tools and build your Launch Timeline after reading this outline.

Gather enough daily content to load on myChurchDaily's Admin Panel to allow your team to focus on marketing moving forward, not content for the Flash Briefings.

Find fun and creative ways to tease something new and exciting is coming.

  • Continue to remind people of the upcoming Big Announcement.
  • Have all of the digital, paper, and other promotional materials ready for your announcement and launch weekend.
  • Plan and record a series of launch videos for stage and social/digital distribution.

Create written and video instructions on how to add your church’s Flash Briefings to any Alexa device.

  • Show a live demo of the tool on an Alexa device, as shown here.
  • Handouts and instructions on how to add a Flash Briefing to any Alexa device. Feel free to use the instructions found here.
  • Pastor should speak about the launch, including answering the "Why?" and "What's in it for me?" questions.

Maximize exposure on all communications tools your church uses.

  • Begin communicating how church members can share your announcement with others.
  • Make a card or flier that attendees can share with others. Here's an example flier.
  • Create a simple and easy digital way to share with others.
  • Continue to communicate how Flash Briefings works and how to add them to Alexa devices.
  • Listen for stories of attendees using the tool.
  • Record and distribute written or digital stories of attendees enjoying your Flash Briefings.
  • Re-write and adapt all communications that are getting stale and ignored.
  • Measure your Alexa Flash Briefings’ impact and add more content where necessary.

Post-Launch Post-Mortem (See the Marketing Launch Guide)

Image of Amazon Alexa sending a flash briefing

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